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Teaching Kundalini Yoga Therapeutically

21 april @ 17:00 - 21:00

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One event on 13 april 2021 at 17:00

One event on 14 april 2021 at 17:00

One event on 20 april 2021 at 17:00

One event on 21 april 2021 at 17:00

Teaching Kundalini Yoga Therapeutically

Teaching Kundalini Yoga Therapeutically

Two online courses spring 2021 with Shanti Shanti Kaur and Maja Tellegård

Vi är så glada över att bjuda in dig till dessa två fördjupningsmoduler i kundaliniyoga för dig som vill förmedla yogan terapeutiskt. All undervisning sker på engelska.



This module orients you to the foundation and basic principles of teaching Kundalini Yoga to people with health conditions. This is the base for many more modules with various topics around Therapy training. Move from teaching like a Kundalini Yoga Teacher to teaching like a Kundalini Yoga Therapist. Topics include:

– The Kundalini Yoga Therapy Mandala
– The language of teaching Kundalini Yoga Therapeutically
– The differences between a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and yogic healer
– The therapeutic experience of Kriya
– Building vitality for change
– Structure and flow of a Kundalini Yoga therapy class
– The psychology of health recovery
– How to include friends and family for support
– A review of scientific research on yoga and meditation for health conditions
– Curriculum for group and private health recovery classes

Special attention is given to the personal development of the teacher to engender awareness, intuition, compassion, deep listening, sensitivity, humility, endurance and grace. Yoga teachers who are also health professionals find this training a useful adjunct to clinical practice.

WHEN 4-7 March 2021
WHERE Online Zoom
PRICE 4 250 Skr/Nok | 425 Euro. Includes training and material.
SCHEDULE 17.00-21.00 + additional Yoga and meditation in your own time.


Penetrate the Silence of the Soul

Cold Depression is our single biggest challenge as we integrate into the Aquarian Age. It affects vitality of spirit and leads us to take destructive risks and to self-sabotage. Cold Depression underlies addiction and stress-based illness and is a barrier to health and success. Learn what Cold Depression is, where it comes from, how to identify it and exactly what you need to help your students, clients and yourself overcome its effects.

Topics include:
– Signs and Symptoms of Cold Depression
– Cold Depression and Addiction
– Destiny, Distance and Cold Depression
– Cold Depression, Illness and Health Recovery
– Three different Kundalini Yoga for Overcoming Cold Depression curriculums are provided, a 3 hour introduction, a 1 day workshop or a 7 week course on this topic.

WHEN 4 days: 13+14, 20+21 April 2021.
WHERE Online Zoom
PRICE 4 250 Skr/Nok | 425 Euro. Includes training and material.
SCHEDULE 17.00-21.00 + additional Yoga and meditation in your own time.

*) Please note!
You need to take/have taken “Foundation” in order to enroll in “Cold Depression”.

*) Enroll in both courses!
By enrolling to both courses your total price will be 7 500 Skr/Nok | 750 Euro.

*) Registration fee
In order to secure your place at the course you need to pay the registration fee:
1000 Skr/Nok | 100 Euro for one course
2000 Skr/Nok | 200 Euro for both courses
Information and invoice will be sent to you shortly after enrollment. When you have paid the fee your place is secured and your registration is binding. That means you can not cancel your registration unless you are that sick you can not make it (you will then need a doctor’s certificate).


21 april
17:00 - 21:00
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